The International Martial Arts Research Institute will recognize martial artists from all over the world for their life-long dedication and accomplishment in the field of martial arts / science studies whereby offering martial arts degrees program.

The International Martial Arts Research Institute will evaluate the candidates based on their knowledge, qualification and life experience. Upon completion of the martial arts program, successful and qualified candidates will be conferred with the appropriate degrees.

  • Diploma In Martial Arts - Dip. M. A.
  • Bachelor Degree In Martial Arts - B. M. A.
  • Master Degree In Martial Art - M. M. A.
  • Doctorate Degree In Martial Art - D. M. A.
  • Doctor of Philosophy - Ph. D. (M. A.)

Individual who have attained substantial knowledge and experience in their field of expertise, may apply for degree program.

Interested candidates are requested to apply though email or by post with a payment of US$20/- or RM75/- as Administration fee together with your biodata, relevant document, certificates, martial arts & passport size photos to support your application. Please make your remittance payable to Prof. Dr. Song Swee Hee through Western Union. Kindly email or fax us your Western Union Money Trasnfer Control Number (MTCN). Upon receiving your application and payment, we will send our offer letter and prospectus to you to start your martial arts degrees program.

Our correspondence address are as follows:

The Register,
International Martial Arts Research Institute,
P. O. Box 786, 93716 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Fax: 6 - 082 - 246952 Tel: 6 - 019 - 88 66879


International Martial Arts Research Institute (Board Of World Martial Arts Advanced Studies)

The Board Of World Martial Arts Advanced Studies (BOWMAS) is a division of International Martial Arts Research Institute (IMARI) in association the World Head Of Family Sokeship Council. The IMARI Board Of World Martial Arts Advanced Studies grants different degrees under our own authority to develop its our own accreditation system and curriculum. The degrees grant based upon these requirements. Our Degree Programs offer Diploma, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorates. These degrees are not to be confused with traditional Academic Degrees, but to show professional status within the Martial Arts Community.

Our degrees will be awarded to martial artists who seek further Martial Arts Studies to improve their qualifications, and who have demonstrated outstanding results in their field of expertise. Individual martial artist who have attended substantial knowledge and experience in their field of their expertise and are willing to pursue further may apply for our degree program.

We understand there will be questions regarding our accreditation criteria but we do not intend to seek approval from other academic institutions and consider the question to be closed. Martial arts exponents and organizations from across the world have joined the International Martial Arts Research Institute (IMARI) in the creation of the Board Of World Martial Arts Advanced Studies for the purpose of developing strong martial arts programs for the award of our degrees.

The IMARI Board of World Martial Arts Advanced Studies has the right to change the content of programs of study, training requirements at any time, in accordance with regulations established by the Board without prior notice.

Degrees awarded by the IMARI Board of World Martial Arts Advanced Studies are Martial Arts Degrees, but must be earned under the requirements established by the Board. Most of these requirements will be completed by the Life Works already created during the careers of the Martial Artists while applying to the Institute. These include schools and instructional testing / ranking systems established, championships won, national and international seminars conducted, videos and books produced or written, and original contributions to the Martial Arts in the creation of competition rules, organizations and new Martial Arts styles/ systems.

Mission Statement

Outline entry requirement and establish training levels for the granting of degrees. Offer degrees which correspond to those earned through education in other fields. The IMARI Board of World Martial Arts Advanced Studies have created this martial arts degree program to establish specific criteria and offer a full range of professional degrees in our field, the International Martial Arts Research Institute (IMARI) wishes to raise the standards and increase the professionalism throughout the martial arts world.


Our curriculum is designed for those seeking professional recognition, certification and licensing within the martial arts world. The purpose of the IMARI Board of World Martial Arts Advanced Studies is to help its students unlock their minds, to find the keys to success through the martial arts and through self discovery.

Licenses and Credentials

The IMARI Board Of World Martial Arts Advanced Studies degree program is not designed to meet any particular local, state or national / international licensing or laws. We do not intend to meet any requirements established by any private independent organizations.

Entry Requirements

Diploma Program: 1st to 2nd Dan / Degree / Tuan Black Belt / under 5 Years active training

Bachelors Degree: 3rd to 4th Dan / Degree / Tuan Black Belt / 6 to 9 years active training

Masters Degree: 5th to 6th Dan / Degree / Tuan Black Belt / 10 to 19 years active training

Doctorates Degree: 7th Dan / Degree / Tuan Black Belt and above/ 20 or more years active training


The international martial arts community is truly unique among professions, in that accreditation by the academic world in neither available nor necessary. The academic world has no knowledge or reference which would make them capable of judging or accrediting the martial arts profession or education therein.

The IMARI is not accredited. Whereas it is agreed by resolution that: Only the founder of a martial arts system or style is able to accredit, certify, and license instructors to teach and issue rank in that system or style. Each martial arts instructor and his or her rank has been certified and accredited by the licensed instructor, by whom it was issued. Therefore it is resolved by this board that every legitimate rank has already been accredited and is therefore worthy of appropriate professional recognition.


Degrees earned in the martial arts are designed to help advancement of the professional martial artist in his/her field and should not be construed as degrees intended for advancement in employment in the private sector nor applicable toward earning degree credits from academic institutions. The IMARI Board Of World Martial Arts Advanced Studies recognizes no specific geographical boundaries or restrictions.



Our degrees are not to be confused with traditional University degrees; they are not for academic use. They are for recognition of the years of training and dedication of the practitioner in the martial arts. These degrees cannot be used for the purpose of granting of a Visa or any other documentation for entrance into another country or for academic recognition at a traditional university. They cannot be used as a source to gain of employment, but can be used to show recognition and achievement within the martial arts on your resume. These degrees are for recognition within the martial arts community.

How you use your degree is completely your responsibility!!!